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Be Well & Go Well

Psychodynamic Counselling

& End of Life Conversation Facilitation


in the Peak District, Sheffield & online

“Empathy for me is to think and feel
oneself into the inner life of another person"

- Heinz Kohut



Be Well

 Counselling sessions

 I am a fully qualified Psychodynamic Counsellor and member of the counselling governing body, BACP. I have counselling appointments in Sheffield & Buxton.

There can be many reasons to seek counselling: it may be a current issue, a general feeling of mental unease, a past trauma that is still troubling you or perhaps a sense of wanting to know yourself better. Psychodynamic counselling is about exploring how our childhood and past key relationships leave an imprint on our behaviour and feelings in the present. I work with you to explore what it is going on both in the present and what occurred in your past.

 I hope to create a safe space in which you can speak openly with all your thoughts and feelings being contained. 

Information & Prices
  • I can work with you in long-term opened ended sessions or to a fixed time frame (usually 16 sessions). 

  • All sessions are 50 minutes.

  • I offer counselling online or face to face. 

  • I work out of The Practice Rooms in Sheffield, S10. Please let me know if you need the room to be accessible.

  • I work out of Invicta Therapy in Buxton, this is not an accessible space.

Session rates are £50  

Online clients can be anywhere geographically.

In person clients I work out of  spaces in  Sheffield & Buxton.

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Go Well

End of Life Conversation Facilitation

Prior to my counselling training, I trained as an End of Life Doula. I use this combined knowledge and experience to go into homes and facilitate conversation. This may be in a variety of ways, it may be solely with the dying person who may be finding it difficult to express all of their feelings to their loved ones. It may be to help start conversations between the terminally ill and their loved ones. These conversations may be about the language they wish to be used, their end of life wishes such as funeral plans or just facilitate sharing feelings around the prognosis. It may be the work starts just with the ill person and it evolves to include others. 

It may be I need to come to your house for the visit for comfort and ease. Or you may want a neutral space like one of the calming spaces I work out of in Bakewell and Sheffield. 

Information & Prices
  • This is a more bespoke service than counselling. I can work with people in a stand alone session, it may be a few are needed, or regular visits may be appropriate. This can all be discussed and suitable dates and times agreed. 

  • Generally if it is 121 work I keep to 50 minutes per visit. If it is facilitating group conversations they are 1hr 30 mins per visit. 

Prices vary typically a 121 session is £50 and facilitation of group discussions are £70. I recognise that during these times money can be an issue please contact me to discuss rates further.

This service is generally within The Peak District, Chesterfield & Sheffield. Do enquire if you live outside of these areas.

Online work available where appropriate.

"Our fears do not prevent death. They stop life...Living in the present is living in love, not in fear."

- Elizabeth Kubler Ross




Hello, I'm Maisy.

I am a fully qualified - I have a BACP & BPC accredited Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling from Wessex Counselling & Psychotherapy. I am open to seeing people who are facing an array of reasons and issues with their wellbeing. Whether that is counselling for anxiety, bereavement, difficult relationships, problems in the workplace, confusion around identity or just a general sense of unease. 

I have been a Researcher for Psychotherapist Julia Samuel for both her best selling books Every Family Has a Story and This Too Shall Pass. I am interested in other writing & research opportunities to broaden my knowledge & experience.

My counselling approach is to help you unearth your truer sense of self, to better understand why you may feel the way you feel and to enable you to grow with that new found understanding.

Counselling is not advice giving. My role is to be actively listening, noticing and asking questions to unlock your conscious and unconscious ways of thinking and patterns of being, and how you therefore relate to your self and others. Working together to get closer to a sense of your true self by understanding your past in the present. 

Additionally, I have foundation Level End of Life Doula certification from Living Well Dying Well.

I am the Therapeutic Group Facilitator for Breast Cancer Now's Living with Secondary Breast Cancer in Sheffield, which is a monthly group in central Sheffield.

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Counselling in:

Buxton @ Invicta Therapy 

Sheffield @ Whitham Therapy  Rooms


EOL Conversation:

At the home of client

Sheffield @ Whitham Therapy Rooms

Online if required

Working hours


Mon - Thurs: 9am - 7pm

(dependant on availability)

EOL facilitation:

Friday, Saturday & Sunday



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